14355025_801790593295091_8594637728267386557_nAnd now a little about Alcatraz. The prison, which is located on an island in the Bay of San Francisco. The world famous gangster Al Capone was a prison here. During the existence of the prison, nobody can escape. It has been only 14 attempts to escape. 34 prisoners tried to leave Alcatraz. Two of them made attempts twice. 5 people, trying to escape, were missing, 7 were shot, two were drowned. Many people just been crazy, because land was so close, but at the same time was so far.
Alcatraz prison operated until 1963 and was one federal prison, where the prisoners take a shower with warm water. But the reason for this was not with humanistic considerations: the administration decided that the prisoners who are accustomed to comfort, have less chance of a successful escape by swimming across the cold San Francisco Bay.

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