13962595_788305371310280_7051751857164622244_nJohn Stith Pamberton who earned money in his own tiny pharmaceutical company in Atlanta, May 8, 1886 founded recipe of delicious syrup. He and his friend Frank Robinson liked this taste, and John decided to write the recipe and try to sell through pharmacies. Frank, who had good calligraphy, wrote «Coca-Cola» on the label. This label is famous in all of the world today too.

Now Coca-Cola advertising spends more money than techno-giants like Apple and Microsoft. So, in 2011, Cola spent on advertising $ 3.256 billion, while Apple – $ 933 million, and Microsoft – $ 1,9 billion. And do you know about this?

But John Pamberton could not enjoy the profit. His health rapidly deteriorated and there was no money for business development. So he sold the formula for Coca-Cola Willie Veeyblu, person who diluted Coca-Cola soda. The money ran out quickly, and John died in poverty on August 16, 1888. He was buried in the cemetery for the poor. Only 70 years later the representatives of the company «Coca-Cola» found his tomb and found it over gravestone.

Until 1903 each bank Cola had about 60 mg of cocaine. Patented in the late of 19th century the drink was positioned as a “drug of any breakdowns.” Now Coca-Cola continues to import and use of coca leaves – the plant from which makes stronger drug. Did you know about it?

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