14030797_960153037447649_544627205_nNow a little bit about flights … Have you noticed that the tomato juice, which is not the most popular juice in the world is very popular among the passengers of the plane? Scientists have conducted a lot of studies and found that when we are in a low-pressure conditions (such as in an airplane), our senses are sharpened and allow us to enjoy the fullness of the sweet taste of tomatoes.
But for those who fears of flying, everybody advises a ginger ale, which will be indispensable salvation. In addition, many people argue that it likes a tomato juice tastes more pleasant in the air.

And another interesting fact: given the huge competition among airlines, all trying to cut costs. For example, American Airlines saved $ 40,000 by eliminating one olive from salads, served on the board :) 🙆🏻

Well, some miraculous dawn to you in the tape! 🌅

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