How to manage the filtering of social networks and web services

We all use social networks and services every day. It is firmly in our lives.

We add as a friend, subscribe to updates that are looking for something. Our devices are constantly inform us in different ways that the network something happened. And we submit it. We go to different resources and get a new piece of information. We do not even think about whether you need it or not. It’s so easy to lose precious time of life on all the small stuff.


So how is it that control the flow of information from social networks and web services?

The answer to this question may be a personal information filter. Essentially, his task is to be our helper. Information manager that filters the data flows, in line with our interests.
At this stage of development, the application allows keyword filtering, and data types.

web – search for sources of information on the network, the network trends.
people – people who are in the network.
news – Top News Network.
actions – the latest activity of network users.
goods – products that are available on the network.
images – pictures uploaded by users online.
audio – music and audio recordings that you can listen to.
video – movies and video files that can be viewed.
promo – content that users want to show, promote, to other users for a fee.

Our challenge is to unite, centralized source of information. Thereby providing the ability to quickly access the data they need from one place. For more information about filtering the types and resources can be found in the following articles.

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