M&M’s brand

13912910_787543598053124_4346456429004792994_nM&M’s stands like a «Mars & Murrie’s» (it names of the two founders of the company). It has produced since 1941. For the first time M&M’s brand has got its own store in 1997 in the US, Las Vegas, and then opened two shops: in New York and Orlando (Florida). In advertising, there are seven characters of M&M’s and a chocolate bar.
* Yellow – naive and silly (with peanuts)
* Red – cynical, a little, but very clever (with milk chocolate)
* Green – the only girl (peppermint dragees)
* Orange – shy (with hazelnuts)
* Blue – imagines himself cool in dark glasses (with almonds)
* A bar of chocolate – a limited character, he thinks he’s macho.
* Grey – limited character (promotional sweets)
* Brown – Ms. Brown – in advertising sales representative chocolates.
Mars Inc. claims that they are the first sweets, who have been in space. In 1982, M&M`s were chosen by US astronauts. Cool candies – cool history!

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