Model S Tesla

13726813_770310529776431_2111764393523286821_nAfter updating Model S Tesla received a more luxurious interior, Alcantara and Nappa leather. There are compartments detail, heated seats, keyless entry system, an updated Multimedia with a 17-inch display, a rearview camera and navigation system. Also, the novelty has received a special Nera filter to protect from bacterias and allergens.
In addition, the Tesla is available to customers 90D version with two electric motors, which together give 417 horsepower. Top-end performance is called the S P90D. Model S has received two motor power of 510 hp (Mounted at the rear) and 263 hp (In front). This car accelerates in 2.8 seconds to 100km/h. And now about the actual 😄😄 … There is a miracle Summon function that can be parked your car without you. To activate the program, you can use your smartphone or button on the key. And it is only some things that I remembered during a conversation with the manager! more interesting later … test drive is waiting !!! 😊😎

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