13892222_779754668832017_1946888732712160395_n«Pixar» is the most successful animation studio in the world of the cinema. But this company is famous not only theirs cartoons. Everything started with the development of new software with laconic name «RenderMan». All the Hollywood use this software since the days of “Jurassic Park. In 1986, Steve Jobs bought «Pixar» for 5 million dollars during communication with George Lucas. In 2006, after long and difficult negotiations the studio was acquired by Walt Disney Pictures for $ 7.4 billion, making Steve Jobs the largest shareholder of Walt Disney. «Pixar» and «Apple» binds not only by Steve Jobs. Remember beloved WALL-E? Eve’s image was present by Jonathan Ive, «Apple» chief designer. iMac, MacBook, iPod, iPhone, iPad – all these are his works. In any interview with any employee, “Pixar’s” mentioned… the main principle of the company, it is almost a motto: “People are more important than the idea!”

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