Types of information filters

freelook.info – a new information platform, the ideology of which is the use of web resources for their real goals and needs.

The platform is a handy tool for information management, with the ability to create unique filters.

Types of information filters


The interface is simple and intuitive. Comprises:

input lines
types of filtration
personal cabinet
filter results
feedback and locale

The input line

Use the command field, the field with the text [# Enter and see], for quick access to the information you are interested in.
To execute the command, click on the line, type a word or phrase.

Then click on the symbol [loop] or the key [enter] the keyboard, as well as select the filter of interest:

web, people, news, activities, products, images, audio, video, promotional, work.

Consider filters in more detail.


Data Filter in the Internet space. Displays information resources on the network. When you select this type, you will be offered different sources:

– google
– facebook
– vk
– pinterest

Also, the tips will be displayed – the most common phrases that have entered text.


Filtering users on the Internet. It displays a list of people, according to the text input. When you select this filter, you will be offered a number of different sources:

– google
– facebook
– vk
– twitter


The filter, which displays the most relevant news lately.
Default will display the most popular news about your locale.

To watch the news on a particular filter, you need to input line to enter a keyword or phrase. The results will show the latest news, containing the text that you type.


Filtering by the active network users, it may be comments, reviews and publications. This filter allows you to track mentions of key phrases in social networks, to monitor the interests and opinions of people in the network.
When choosing this type of filtering, you will be offered a number of different sources:

– vk
– twitter


Using this filter allows you to display the products that are available on the network. In order to filter out specific items, you must enter in the time to enter a name, or you are interested in characterization.


Filtering the images available on the net. This filter allows you to display and upload the images, according to the following resources:

– google
– instagram
– twitter


Filter by audio recordings available on the network. With this filter, you can listen to popular music and even download your favorite song. To do this, you simply need to enter the song title in the command field.


Filter by video recordings available on the network. This filter allows you to view the video files in the following resources:

– youtube
– vk


This filter displays information that users want to show the world. To add content to this section, you need to log in, click on the command field and select the action + add.


Filtering by the work that is available in the network. This filter is designed to view the available vacancies and offers on the labor market.

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