Venice in Las Vegas

14021553_785223444951806_8533439711951964414_nAnd now a little bit about Venice in Las Vegas 🙆 Some tourists say that original Venice they liked less than its synthetic counterparts.
Casino “Venice” in Las Vegas was opened on May 3, 1999. Construction of “Venetian” Las Vegas Sands cost the company $ 1.5 billion. 40-storey “Venezia”, together with the adjacent hotel “the Palazzo” constitutes the largest hotel in the world, with more than 7000 rooms.
“Venice” fully justifies its name: there are canals, gondolas (imported from the Venice in Europe) with singing gondoliers. The Venice’s channels are situated under the casino hall, and are stylized by clouds painted like sky ceiling. So it seems that the gondolas float under the open sky. Amazing

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